Rebecca Yates is a freelance dance teacher and is currently teaching the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus at:

  • The Kathleen Burdon School of Ballet, South Shields 
  • Elite Dance Jessica Hall, Sunderland

Adult ballet -Discovering Repertoire

When: Sundays 7-8pm (from Jan 2020) @ Westoe Crown Community Hub

Ballet for adults of any age who have danced before, even if it was years ago and at a beginners level as you’ll need a basic knowledge of ballet steps. More experienced dancers are welcome too! The class is perfect if you’re looking for a new challenge with your ballet or simply wanting to return to something that you love.

The class is also open to current ballet students age 12+ who are looking for another class to compliment their existing training.

What level is the class? The class is Discovering Repertoire Level 2 from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). It’s the equivalent to RAD grade 5 / Intermediate Foundation. If you’re not sure, just get in touch.

How is this different to Silver Swans adult ballet? Silver Swans is low impact, accessible and adaptable ballet which is designed for over 55’s (but open to any age). These Repertoire ballet classes involve a wider range of ballet steps including allegro (jumps). You don’t need to be Darcey Bussell to do them, just be able to join in. You can even take an exam in it if you wish!

Silver Swans classes

Silver Swans classes are at Westoe Community Hub, South Shields every Friday 2-3pm and Sundays 6-7pm.

Additional classes to be follow…

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